Our Mission

RAMS exists to foster and support the creation, performance, and appreciation of Roots & American music. The Roots & American Music Society (RAMS) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 2015.

Our vision is access to resources for Roots & American artists allowing them to create and thrive; education for the community allowing them to understand, and consume Roots & American music; growth of the RAM music scene.

What We Do

We provide resources that allow Roots & American artists to create & thrive. These include business consultations & planning, funding discussion & strategy, budget design & implementation & advise on recording, releasing & promoting music. We also provide education for the community & businesses in order for them to understand, consume & promote Roots & American music. This includes working with venues, businesses, chambers & bureaus to grow & market Roots & American music.

In addition, we provide a nonprofit label. The label works with large scale projects designed to raise money & awareness for other nonprofits through Roots & American music. The label also exists in order to help independent Roots & American artists create, record & promote their music. All of this is done with the mission of growing the Roots & American music scene.

What is Roots & American Music

According to our friends at Americana Music Triangle, “ Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock ‘N’ Roll, R&B, Soul, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Cajun, and Bluegrass: nine distinct musical traditions that could not have happened anywhere else, or any other way.”